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Surrounding yourself with the right women can profoundly influence your personal and professional growth.

Leadership Network

Meet Our Leadership Network

Our leadership network includes executive leaders, executive directors of nonprofits, successful business owners, elected officials, nationally renowned artists, expert consultants, and more.

Here are a few of the leaders you will learn from.

Headshot of Cristina Vera
Cristina Vera Bridges
CEO of Vera Creative

Cristina is an award-winning communications strategist with 25 years of expertise in leadership, marketing, and community engagement. She is the founder of La Collective and Vera Creative.

Headshot of Aaja Corinne Magee
Aaja Corinne Magee
CEO of Aaja Corinne The Brand

Aaja Corinne Magee is a personal branding strategist and strategic positioning and messaging specialist with over fifteen years of professional experience in the fashion, beauty, marketing, and communications industries.

Headshot of Cynthia Rosario
Cynthia Rosario
North American Regional Director of Maranatha USA

Cynthia Rosario is the North American Regional Director of Maranatha USA. She is an information systems expert with over two decades of project management experience.

Headshot of Delphine Rankin
Delphine F. Rankin
CEO of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois

Delphine Rankin, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, has extensive experience in human services and nonprofit management. She has held executive leadership roles at several nonprofit organizations.

Headshot of Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
President of ServiceMaster by Zaba

Diana Rodriguez-Zaba is a prominent businesswoman and entrepreneur and currently serves as the President of ServiceMaster by Zaba. Her expertise spans franchising, human resource development, real estate rehabbing, and business management.

Headshot of Edna Uribe
Edna Uribe
Founder & CEO of Wear in Motion LLC

Edna Uribe is the founder and CEO of Wear in Motion LLC. Edna was also the former President and General Manager of Univision Chicago, which made her the highest-ranking Latina in Chicago's broadcast industry during that time.

Headshot of State Rep. Eva-Dina Delgado
State Rep. Eva-Dina Delgado
State Representative 3rd District

Eva-Dina is a State Representative for the 3rd district in Illinois and an active member of both the House Democratic Women’s Caucus and the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus, where she also serves on the board.

Headshot of Hailey Losselyong
Hailey Losselyong
Owner of HML.design

Hailey M. Losselyong is a self-taught multimedia artist who has worked with Adidas, Google, Nike, Redbull, and more. She also sits on the board of The Mural Movement.

Headshot of Jackie Marshall
Jackie Marshall
Certified Nonprofit Executive Leader

Jackie Marshall is a certified nonprofit executive leader and Director of Operations at Vera Creative. She has co-championed award-winning, community-centered nonprofit initiatives and advocated for women's empowerment.

Headshot of State Rep Lillian Jimenez
State Rep. Lilian Jiménez
State Representative 4th District

Lilian Jiménez, attorney and community advocate, serves as the State Representative of Illinois' 4th District, with extensive experience in government services, community organizing, and policies supporting communities of color.

Headshot of Lizette Williams
Lizette Williams
Global Head of Vertical Solutions Marketing at Meta

Lizette Williams is a leading marketing and advertising executive and the Global Head of Vertical Solutions Marketing at Meta. Among many of her prestigious awards, she has been honored in the American Advertising Federation Advertising Hall of Achievement.

Headshot of Maria Cordova
Maria Cordova
Account Manager of Advertising Sales at Paramount

Maria Cordova has multiple years of experience building strategic partnerships across diverse offerings throughout the Midwest. She also works with the Chicago Advertising Federation and 'She Runs it', helping people of color succeed in the industry.

Headshot of Maria Rascon
Maria Rascon
Partnerships Manager at Allstate

Maria Rascon is an accomplished partnerships leader with over 17 years of supporting Fortune 100 companies to build meaningful relationships, designing and testing new models, partnership programs, and concepts viable for company growth and success.

Photo of Mary Santana
Mary Santana
Founder and Executive Director at
The Miracle Center

Mary is the founder and Executive Director at The Miracle Center, an organization that changes lives and communities through the transformative power of the creative arts.

Headshot of Meagan Maldonado
Meagan Maldonado
Founder & President of Meag Maldo Corp.

Meagan Maldondo is the founder and president of Meag Maldo Corp., a bespoke balloon and decor firm which services Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Headshot of Rebeca Huffman
Rebeca Huffman
Social Media Influencer

Rebeca Huffman is an independent consultant and social media influencer leveraging 20+ years of professional experience in fundraising and organizational development.

Headshot of Sam Kirk
Sam Kirk
Award-Winning Nationally
Recognized Artist

Sam is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist with fine artwork in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Headshot of Vanessa Hall
Vanessa Hall
Manager of Community Partnerships and Engagement for People Gas and North Shore Gas

Vanessa Hall oversees corporate giving strategy and develops partnerships in areas of workforce development, STEM education, energy education, and environmental programming.

Headshot of Rev. Tanya Lozano Washington
Rev. Tanya Lozano Washington
Founder and Chairwoman of
Healthy Hood Chicago

Tanya is an activist, community organizer, the founder and Chairwoman of Healthy Hood Chicago, and a reverend at Holy Ground Chicago.

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